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Collection: Resort (Julep)
Retail Price: $14.00 (USD) per bottle

Today I’m reviewing the Resort collection from Julep. Honestly, when I received these colors, at first glance, I wasn’t sure how the colors went together as a collection; however, now that I’ve been working with them while swatching and typing up these reviews, I think this collection is so cohesive, and has the perfect mix of shades for the spring and summer.

Leah: I had to review this one first! Green is my favorite color, and I don’t have any other greens in my stash that are this bright. It’s just toeing the line between bright and neon, and I love it! I know it looks like it has a creme finish, but this shade actually has a tiny bit of barely noticeable shimmer, which makes this green so much more stunning in the sun. I think greens are great for the spring (St. Patrick’s Day!), but the brightness makes Leah perfect for summer as well. Best of all, unlike other similar shades like Irish Green (Sinful Colors), I only needed two coats to achieve bottle color. This one’s a keeper!

Megan: I actually already reviewed this shade (here) because it was a part of my January Bombshell Julep Maven box, but my previous swatch was indoors, and this one is outdoors, so now you can see the difference. Outdoors, Megan looks more blue than aquamarine, and while the shimmer is less obvious in a photo, it actually makes quite a statement as you move your hand around under the sunlight. This shade reminds me of the ocean, and most obviously felt like it belongs in the Resort collection. Though Megan goes on extremely sheer on the first coat, don’t be fooled! By the second coat, I achieved bottle color. Magic!

Heather: This shade is a sultry greige with a shimmery finish. Honestly, I was expecting to like this color the least. “Greige” is the color lovechild of gray and beige—a bit like taupe—so I wondered how it could possibly scream (or even whisper) Resort. However, Heather won me over once I got her on my nails. This shade looks so gorgeous and chic, and was opaque in two coats. It makes me want to join the cast of ABC’s Revenge (my primetime guilty pleasure this TV season) so that I can go to beach parties and yacht soirees with a glamorous outfit to match these nails. Heather is sophisticated enough for the board room, perfect for lounging on the beach, and, of course, glamourous enough for any party. Best of all, after summer, I think this would transition beautifully to fall as well. Heather is a shade you can’t miss any time of year!

Maria: This shade is an exact dupe of Fairy Lights (Butter London), which was a limited edition holiday 2011 shade, so if you run out of your Butter London shade, Julep’s got your back! Maria is a dusty rose pink with a frosty, shimmery finish. Like Fairy Lights, my final manicure looked a bit like I had liquid metal on my nails. It was mostly opaque in one coat, but I decided to use two coats, which is what Julep recommends. What I find interesting to consider is Fairy Lights is from a winter/holiday collection, whereas Maria is part of a spring/summer collection. To which season does this color really belong? Honestly, I think it works in both collections. The frosty finish on a grayed out pink makes this shade wintery, but with the way sunlight bounces off the shimmer in Maria, this shade belongs in the summertime, too. Maria can look fun and girly in the sun, or cool and subtle indoors. Best of all, it’s versatile enough to make appearances in your wardrobe all year.

Maya: This shade is bright and peachy (it reminds me of a peach smoothie!) with a shimmery finish. Sun-kissed and sweet, in the bottle, I thought Maya was the best shade in this collection, but unfortunately for me, I think it looks awful on my nails! I think it just looks strange with my skin tone…I can’t quite figure out why. Perhaps it looks better with lighter skin tones? Or darker? The other problem I have with this shade is it’s really streaky (only shade out of the bunch where I had this problem). You need to take your time with application, and make smooth, straight, and steady strokes. You can sort of see where my stroke got a little unsteady on the left side of the nail on my middle finger. In any case, if you like this color, it’s a great spring/summer shade to add to your stash. It’s subtle enough for work, and playful enough for the beach. Best of all, as Julep promises with all their nail polishes, it’s opaque in two coats. Fabulous!

Like I mentioned before, this collection is so cohesive, and I think you’d be set for summer if you picked up all five colors. Within the span of this one collection, you have bright, fun pops of color that are great for a day on the beach; you have chic, sophisticated shades that transition effortlessly from professional to party; and you have subtle yet memorable shades that are sweet enough for work and sassy enough for everything else on your schedule. The shimmer in each shade is the neat little bow that perfectly ties this collection together. Well done, Julep!

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Disclosure: Product samples provided by Julep.

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