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Color: Today Was A Fairytale (Deborah Lippmann)
Retail Price: $20.00 (USD)

This shade contains various sizes of glitter, all suspended throughout a sheer gray base color. At first glance, it all appears silver, but if you look hard, there’s actually a very faint hint of blue to this as well. I think it adds some magic and mystery, doesn’t it?

Also, this nail polish has virgin diamond powder in it! I’m not entirely sure how it differs from the non-virgin variety (if that’s even a thing!) but a quick Google search tells me that virgin diamond powder is an abrasive used for polishing. I’m not sure how that actually adds to this nail polish, but it sure is fun to wear this glitter and brag about the diamonds on your nails. Very fancy!

If you choose to layer this on for a glitter-only look, note that the sheer gray base sort of creates a cloudy final look. Honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan of this result. There is so much sparkle and bling in the bottle that I didn’t want anything muting any of that fabulousness! I used three coats of Today Was A Fairytale to achieve the glitter-only look.

This glitter is also great for layering over other solid shades. Best of all for me, I find that one layer of this over a solid color means the sheer gray base doesn’t mute any of the glitter. Since silver is one of the ideal neutrals, I honestly think it has great potential layered over absolutely any shade for any season, occasion, or mood. But in the photo above, I’ve layered it over Helena (Julep), Emilie (Julep), Stormy Weather (Deborah Lippmann), and Mandy (Julep).

Looking for a dupe? Especially when I consider how this shade looks layered over a solid color, I am immediately reminded of Set In Stones (Essie). There are quite a few differences, though: Set In Stones has a clear base, an overall silver look (compared to the slight bluish hue in Today Was A Fairytale), no virgin diamond powder, and, as it would appear, more pieces of large glitter.

Overall, this is a fun glitter, and definitely something you’d want to buy if you want to indulge your inner princess. You can pack on the layers for a truly glitzy look, or use only one layer over a solid shade to add the perfect touch of magic to an otherwise ordinary manicure.

Disclosure: Product samples provided by Deborah Lippmann and Julep.

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