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Collection: Nicki Minaj (OPI)
Retail Price: $12.50 (USD) for the mini 4-pack

This is my first time purchasing one of OPI’s mini nail polish packs. I come across them often, but for the first time, the Nicki Minaj 4-pack had every color from this collection that I wanted. Perfect! And funnily enough, I think it might be due to a packaging error! Here is a photo of the package I bought. The glitter, Save Me, is actually labeled as Metallic 4 Life. I googled other swatches of the 4-pack, and it looks like other people really did receive Metallic 4 Life in their Nicki Minaj 4-packs. Strange…but I’m not complaining! I rather like Save Me, so I’m happy. :)

Did It On ‘Em: This is a perfect chartreuse green with a creme finish. I absolutely love the color! It’s a bit like someone juiced a highlighter and mixed in some lime—daring and fun! The formula was a little thinner than I had hoped, though. It took me four coats to achieve bottle color. This shade is perfect for spring or summer, or any time you’d like to make a statement. Better yet, be inspired by the chartreuse dress/bold red lip trend many celebrities are pulling off by painting all your nails with Did It On ‘Em, and using a bright red creme for your tips!

Fly: This is a highly pigmented aqua teal with a creme finish. It’s bright and unique, and makes me wish I was sitting poolside in the summer! The formula for this shade is stellar; it’s opaque in two coats, and goes on smooth and easy. Fly deserves a spot in your stash because its naturally cool blue hue makes it a welcome pop of color in your winter and spring looks, and the “zing” from the pigmented teal makes this perfect for summer. As wonderful as this looks on my nails, I actually think it’s a color I’m going to be using for my toes this summer!

Pink Friday: If you’ve ever wondered what bubblegum pink looks like…this is it! This is the third creme in the Nicki Minaj collection. The formula is a little on the thin side, but not as thin as Did It On ‘Em, since I was able to achieve bottle color in three coats. I didn’t think I’d like it so much, but the pink has such a vibrance within that makes it stand out from other pinks. It’s a little too bright to be a pastel, and it’s definitely not desperately reaching toward any reddish hues. Pink Friday is a perfectly flirty pink that’s great to bring out any time of year!

Save Me: This nail polish features silver glitter and holographic bar glitter, all suspended throughout a clear base. It’s absolutely the most versatile of all the shades in this collection. You can pack on the layers for a truly blinged out final manicure, or you can layer one coat of Save Me over any nail polish to add some sparkle to an ordinary manicure (or to wake up a manicure midway through the week). In the photo above, I’ve layered it over the three cremes in this 4-pack, and honestly, I think it looks great over each shade. The holographic bar glitter really helps with that since it flashes all shades of the rainbow, meaning Save Me looks wonderful layered over absolutely any bright creme. As far as I’m concerned, this one’s a must-have, and my favorite from the mini 4-pack!

My favorite thing about this mini 4-pack is it’s the perfect gift—for yourself or for a friend! The colors are lively and unique, which inspires my favorite kind of nail polish use—based on mood and not on wardrobe! Feeling spunky? Did It On ‘Em is calling your name. Want a flirty Pink Friday? Or a relaxing Friday with Fly? I know a little sparkle can sometimes Save Me. ;) No matter your mood, this Nicki Minaj mini 4-pack is sure to fit or lift your spirits!

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