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Colors: Alicia (Julep) and Portia (Julep)
Retail Price: $14.00 (USD) per bottle

I receive a Julep Maven box every month that’s specially tailored to fit my Bombshell style profile, but this month, I decided to try out the Boho Glam box instead. Read on for my review of the nail polishes and the very special organic Moroccan argan oil that also came with the March Boho Glam box this month!

Alicia: This shade is a bright and sunny coral with a creme finish. As is always the case with Julep cremes, it was opaque in only two coats, and applied easily. This salmon shade is so chic, and transitions effortlessly from work to play. I can see it being a worksafe shade to rock from 8 to 5, a flirty color to pair with a cute outfit for any spring or summertime party, and a breezy, relaxing color for your fingers and toes for those days you just want to lounge around. This shade is so versatile and unique; Alicia needs to be in your life!

Portia: This shade is really what made me switch my box this month from Bombshell to Boho Glam. Doesn’t it absolutely remind you of the beach? Honestly, it reminds me of mermaids! However, as lovely as it is to look at, I wasn’t quite as pleased with the nail polish. Portia is a sheer tropical sky blue with transparent and pastel multicolored glitter throughout. When I layered it over Alicia, the sheer blue nail polish didn’t even make an impact. It looked as though I’d layered a glitter polish with a clear base over it! Even when I layered on three coats of Portia on one of my nails, I just barely got any hints of the blue. Portia did look considerably better layered over Kristen (Zoya), though. I tried to find a blue that reminded me a little of the sheer base in Portia, and that seemed to help me pull off the look/colors that Portia-in-the-bottle made me think of. Aquadelic (China Glaze) is, possibly, an even better icy blue to pair with Portia. So, while this nail polish looks magical in the bottle, it might take a little more effort to achieve the look that it makes you imagine.

Julep Elixir: The Julep Elixir, or organic Moroccan argan oil, is amazing! You can use it for your cuticles, hands, face, hair—just about anything you can imagine. It hydrates and smooths your skins, helps to remove scars, and really just adds a healthy glow to your skin (or hair). I’ve used it on the heels of my feet and elbows for a couple weeks now, and they’re both considerably smoother now. I also use it on my face after I wash away all my make-up for the day, and use a couple drops (a little goes a long way) to rub all over my hands, too. I do this all before I go to sleep at night, and when I wake up in the morning, I feel so fresh! Best of all, the Julep Elixir is completely odorless, so after you use it, there are no funny smells to haunt you for hours afterward. This stuff is magic in a bottle, and completely worth buying. You won’t regret it!

Overall, I was fairly pleased with the March Boho Glam box. Alicia is a wonderful creme, and a shade that everyone absolutely needs; and even though Portia did not meet my high expectations, it is versatile, so I can see it being a fun addition to your stash. I think the Julep Elixir is what really made the box for me. It’s one of those awesome products you don’t even realize you need until you finally get it for yourself.

Want your own Julep Maven boxes every month? View the bottom of this entry for all the details you need to sign yourself up. And to get started, click here and use the code SHAREONMARCH at checkout to get your very first customized Julep Maven box (with over $60.00 (USD) of products) for only ONE PENNY! Treat yo’self! (Or a friend!) ;)

Disclosure: Product samples provided by Julep.

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