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josyrosado said: Hey I have a quick question. So I've been doing my nails every week since the new year and I'm trying to continue my goal but recently I've noticed my nails are now yellow and are peeling. This has never happened, I started out by using acetone remover but when my nails broke, I started using non-acetone, but I feel like that has made my nails worse. I want to continue doing my nails though, I removed the polish earlier tonight but I plan on doing a St. Patrick's design. Do you have any tips??

Constantly using nail polish and nail polish remover (whether it has concentrated acetone or not) will definitely negatively affect your nails, so it’s important to try to use some preventative measures if you mean to keep painting your nails frequently. I have a regular regimen now, which means my nails are naked for at least two days a week (usually the weekend). Leaving your nails naked will allow them to breathe and sort of air out. Natural oils will be restored, and it’s those natural oils that actually help keep your nails strong. I also remember to apply cuticle oil to my cuticles/nails on the days when they’re naked.

I try to do some soaks, too. Soaking your nails in lemon juice will help decrease staining. I hear vinegar also helps, but boy does it smell! And if you’re willing to buy something, absolutely try LUSH’s Lemony Flutter!

Sometimes, I leave my nails unpainted for more than a couple days, and wear nail treatments. Currently, I am totally in love with Butter London’s Horse Power Nail Fertilizer. It’s supposed to help your nails grow, but I find it has considerably strengthened mine, too. OPI’s Nail Envy is another nail treatment that is popular (I like it, but like I said, I like nothing more than Horse Power right now), and I know that Essie, China Glaze, Orly, and Julep all have at least one nail treatment within their brands, too.

Lastly, your nails are peeling because you’re most likely not doing enough to file them down, buff them, etc. This page has some great step-by-step tips for filing your nails. And the reason your nails might keep breaking is you might be trying to grow them out too quickly. Just like with your hair, they say it’s good to get regular haircuts as you work toward growing out your hair. It helps your hair stay healthy and strong. Similarly, if you want your usual nail length to be a little longer, you need to work up to it. So, start to regularly file your nails (I file mine once every two weeks). The strongest part of your nail is near the cuticle, so if you regularly file your nails, eventually, the strong part of your nail will be at the tip of your nail, and it will be easier to maintain longer fingernails.

I hope all of that helped! I had a couple anonymous people ask about peeling nails as well, so if you’re reading this…it’s basically me knocking out THREE birds with one stone. ;)

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