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Colors: Did It On ‘Em (OPI), Hey Sailor (China Glaze)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, followers! Instead of traditional kelly green nail color, I thought I’d twist it up with some chartreuse nails. And Beautylish is actually what inspired me to incorporate the chartreuse dress/bold red lip trend into my manicure. I suppose this is a risky trend, but Emma Watson, Nikki Reed, and Minka Kelly make it look effortless, flirty, and fun. What do yall think?

If you like this nail art, it’s really easy to recreate. All you need to do is paint your nails chartreuse. Once dry, use a bold red creme for your tips. If you don’t think your hands are steady enough to create freehand red tips, that’s okay! Place some tape a little before the tip of your nail (again, you’ll want to make sure your chartreuse manicure is completely dry before this step). Now, use your red creme to paint on your tips. It doesn’t matter if you get red nail polish on the tape because once you’re done painting the tips of your nails, carefully peel away the tape, and tada! Flawless red tips! :) Make sure you end by sealing in your manicure with your favorite top coat.

This is basically a wacky French manicure. Even if you don’t like the chartreuse/red combo, the great thing about the French manicure is that the color combinations are endless.

Enjoy, and stay fabulous! ♥

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