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Set sail this summer with a colour and bronzing collection designed to drop anchor in the most sophisticated Port of Call. Decked out in stylishly sailor-striped packaging, a fabulous flotilla of cosmetics make up this collection. M·A·C invites you to experience the jauntiest, yacht-iest collection of the season!

M·A·C Hey, Sailor! includes the following nail lacquers:

  • Vestral White - Creamy white (creme)
  • Touch of Red - Bright yellow red (creme)

M·A·C Hey, Sailor!will be available starting May 24, 2012 at all M·A·C locations, 1.800.588.0070 and maccosmetics.comSuggested retail price for the nail lacquer is $16.00 (USD) per bottle.

If this collection doesn’t get you into a summery mood, I don’t know what will. What are your must-haves? Touch of Red looks like something I’ll need to check out, if only to determine what “yellow red” means! And how adorable is the packaging? ♥

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