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Collection: Sailing in Sardinia (Priti NYC)
Retail Price: $12.50 (USD) per bottle

Priti NYC’s spring 2012 Sailing in Sardinia collection consists of four blue nail polishes, inspired by ”Sardinia, a Mediterranan island right off the coast of Italy, where the blue of the sky melts into the blue of the sea.” What a beautiful description!

I actually already reviewed Partridge Breast and Hardy Plumbago earlier, but now that I have Spring Gentian and Cherry Ingram, I thought I ought to post all four shades together in a cumulative collection review. Enjoy!

Spring Gentian: This shade is a shimmery royal blue jelly. It’s my absolute favorite out of this collection, and I think it would be flattering on any skin tone. The best thing about Spring Gentian is its formula; though it’s a tiny bit on the thin side, application is smooth and forgiving (as with all jelly polishes!). In the photo above, I am wearing two coats of Spring Gentian; however, you can see a bit of visible nail line (and that line that runs down the nail on my ring finger), so I’d say three coats is what you really need for full opacity.

Cherry Ingram: This shade is a slightly shimmery aqua creme. I think Cherry Ingram most closely resembles what I imagine when I think of vacations at the lake or afternoons at the pool, so this is perfect for summertime! The formula is pleasantly pigmented, and it applies surprisingly opaque for such a bright/light color. In the photo above, I am wearing two coats of nail polish.

Partridge Breast: This shade is a blue-tinged teal with bright green shimmer. It almost looks like a duochrome, but it’s really the green shimmer just doing its thing. Photos honestly don’t do this color justice! It is gorgeous, and completely reminds me of the sea. The formula for this shade is so easy to work with. I expected application to be streaky since that’s been my experience with similar shades, but that’s not the case. In fact, when I was applying a second coat of this color, I could hardly tell the second coat apart from the first! All that basically means application is forgiving. In the photo above, I am wearing two coats of Partridge Breast. Looking for a dupe? Ocean (Revlon) and Megan (Julep) both come pretty close!

Hardy Plumbago: This shade is a sky blue creme with darker pieces of sky blue glitter throughout. The concept for the Hardy Plumbago formula reminds me a little of Flying Dragon (China Glaze), although with Hardy Plumbago, the blue glitter doesn’t show up on the nail as much as I would’ve liked. As you can see in my photo, the glitter is so much more prominent in the bottle. The glitter in the formula makes application a little tricky. I had a harder time than usual forming clean lines/curves for my manicure. Moreover, the glitter in the formula makes for a rough-looking final manicure. You will absolutely need to finish up with a top coat to make your manicure look smooth! In the photo above, I am wearing two coats of Hardy Plumbago.

I love the concept for this collection. Not only is each color great for spring or summer, but I think non-navy blues are creeping back into focus, so Priti NYC is totally on point. I find blue nail polishes are a bit like the blue jeans of nail polish; they look good with everything!

Disclosure: Product samples provided by Priti NYC.

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