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Colors: Morgan (Julep) and Rose (Julep)
Retail Price: $14.00 (USD) per bottle

I was a little disappointed with the nail polishes in the Julep Maven boxes for May, but June completely made up for that! I wanted every single color they had to offer! But until I can make that happen, I’m perfectly happy with my Bombshell box. :)

Morgan: This shade is described as a “frosty grape purple,” although I’d say this is the color I think of when I imagine royal purple. It’s so pigmented and saturated, which I love! In fact, I’m only wearing one coat of nail polish on my ring finger, and it almost seamlessly blends in with my middle and pinky fingers, which have two coats of Morgan on them. I can actually see Morgan fitting in with a fall wardrobe as well, so if you want a more obviously summery feel, Julep suggests using Rose (review below) to add polka-dots to a Morgan manicure. Adorable!

Rose: This shade is described as a “juicy, watermelon red creme.” Perfect description is perfect! I really like how this shade comfortably sits between pink and red. It’s sure to fit into many summer wardrobes, whether yours is sweet or sassy! And if I wasn’t already sold on the color, the formula is the cherry on top for me. The consistency is perfect, and it’s practically effortless to apply Rose on your nails. I achieved bottle color in two easy coats.

Daylight Defense SPF 30 for Hands & Face: To help us stay beautiful as the summer sun gets its groove on, Julep has also included a lotion for face and hands with this month’s boxes: “Specifically formulated to be face-friendly, this light lotion has a natural orange scent and works equally well for the whole body. Vitamin E hydrates skin, while SPF helps guard against fine lines and sunspots.” I’ve never actually gotten a sunburn, so I’m probably not the best person to comment on how effective the SPF-ness of this lotion is, but I can say your skin will feel smoother after a couple uses!

Daylight Defense SPF 15 Lip Balm: This accompanying lip balm was a surprise addition to the boxes this month. I was going to say that it’s Vanilla Mint flavored, but that’s just the scent. The lip balm doesn’t actually taste like anything, although the “mint” bit will make your lips tingle when you first put it on! On my lips, this feels a bit like Vaseline, so a little goes a long way. I wasn’t entirely impressed at first, but after you wear it for a couple days, you’ll see your lips will feel a lot more moisturized, and they’ll be noticeably softer, too!

Like I said, not only did I really enjoy the June Bombshell box, but I actually liked how all the boxes looked this month. I also love that we got another nail art tip to accompany this month’s nail polishes (Rose polka-dots over a Morgan manicure). Overall, Julep did an amazing job of putting together goodies to get us perfectly prepared for summer. :)

Want your very own Julep Maven boxes every month? Check out the bottom of this entry to learn how you can get your first box containing over $60.00 (USD) of products for only $5.00 (USD).

Disclosure: Product samples provided by Julep.

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