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Collection: Heavy Petal (Jessica Cosmetics)
Retail Price: $7.50 (USD) per bottle

This is the spring 2012 collection from Jessica Cosmetics. It contains three pinks and three purples, which makes it rather adorable at first glance, but I think the “petal to the metal” theme in the nail polish names makes these shades cool enough for a rocker chic manicure as well. Read on for my thoughts on this collection!

Dazed Dahlia: This shade is a bright berry creme that leans slightly toward fuchsia. It seems somewhat ordinary, but the formula for Dazed Dahlia sets it apart. Application is practically effortless, and it was opaque in only one coat! As lovely as this is on nails, personally, I think it’s even better on toes during the summertime.

Witchy Wisteria: This shade is a dark plum creme with subtle reddish orange shimmer that really helps it to fit in with the “rocker” theme in this collection. The formula for Witchy Wisteria is great; it’s very pigmented, and is opaque in two coats (although this was almost a one-coater). I absolutely love how this sparkles in the sun, so again, I think this one’s even better for the summer season.

Hotter Than Hibiscus: This shade is a silvery pink frost. Honestly, I’m not crazy about frosts because the application process is generally a nightmare due to streakiness. However, I was somewhat pleasantly surprised because the streakiness wasn’t too bad for this shade. The formula was rather good since, compared with other frosts, it was easier to create a smooth manicure with Hotter Than Hibiscus. In the photo above, I am wearing two coats of nail polish.

Geranium Gypsy: This shade is a silvery lilac frost. Unlike Hotter Than Hibiscus, the formula for this shade confirms all the reasons I typically dislike frosts. Application is really streaky (you can see my brush strokes quite well in the photo above)! And although the formula is a bit too thin for my taste, I needed two coats of nail polish to achieve bottle color. In any case, if you like frosts, this shade (or Hotter Than Hibiscus) would be a great staple for you because the pastel-ness fits in with spring, but I think the gleam from the frost makes it a cool (or frosty?) touch for summer or winter, too!

Rolling Rose: This shade is a light, almost white baby pink with blue shimmer. It’s no secret that I dislike pastels, but I feel as though the fact that it looks almost white makes me like Rolling Rose a bit more than I anticipated! Color me pleasantly surprised. :) Regardless, the formula for this nail polish is a little on the thick side, which made application slightly tedious. I am wearing three coats of nail polish in the photo above. Looking for a dupe or a similar shade that you’re more likely to find in your local beauty store? Try Kim-pletely in Love (Nicole by OPI), which is included in the Kardashian Kolor “Celeb-bitties” Nicole by OPI mini pack!

Born 2 Pansy: This shade is a pastel lilac with blue shimmer; it’s basically the lilac version of Rolling Rose. I’m disappointed that the shimmer doesn’t really show up (not even in the sun), which just makes it way too similar to all the other pastel purple cremes that come out every spring. Like Rolling Rose, the formula for Born 2 Pansy was a little on the thick side as well, and I needed three coats to achieve bottle color. Looking for a dupe? Check out To Buy Or Not To Buy (Essie).

I love the darker, more saturated Heavy Petal shades, yet as the shades get lighter, the less I like them! So, my favorites are Dazed Dahlia and Witchy Wisteria, and even though I don’t like frosts, I’m willing to give a nod of approval to Hotter Than Hibiscus because it’s not as streaky as most frosts I’ve experienced. Another great thing about the darker shades in this collection is I think they’ll transition effortlessly into the fall, too.

In essence, I have mixed feelings about this collection, but I suppose that might be because there is something for everyone here. That’s pretty close to a win/win, right? You be the judge!

Disclosure: Product samples provided by Jessica Cosmetics.

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