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Colors: America (Julep), Chelsea (Julep), and Kate (Julep)
Retail Price: $14.00 (USD) per bottle

Julep boxed up quite a lot of awesome for their July boxes. They’ve released some colorful new glitters that are perfect to add sparkle to your July, and they’ve also presented their spin on the matching nail and lip color trend. If I’m not mistaken, I believe this is Julep’s very first venture into lip colors, and my very first review of a lip product! Lots of excitement in this post, so I hope you’ll keep reading for my review of my Julep Maven Bombshell box for July!

America: This is a special glitter Julep included in all of the American Julep Maven boxes this month in honor of the 4th of July (Canadians received O Canada!). It is a mix of small red glitter, large blue glitter, and silver stars all suspended in a clear base. I was most excited for this glitter because of the silver stars (I love stars!), so I was really disappointed to discover there actually aren’t that many stars in this (I had to fish out the ones that made it onto my nails). Also, I think I just got a bad bottle because this is what the inside of my bottle looked like when I opened it (yuck…). So, my bottle was thick and gunky (fairly certain my bottle is a fluke, considering my bottle of Chelsea [see below for review] was just fine), which made the application process terrible, unfortunately. I’m wearing two coats of America in the photo above, and after some top coat, I managed to make it look okay, despite the formula. In any case, this combination of glitters is really unique, and certainly ideal for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or any day you’re feeling particularly patriotic! 

Chelsea: This nail polish is a mix of violet, purple, and silver multi-dimensional glitter all suspended in a clear base. The formula for this is great, although I wish the glitter was a little more dense. Julep nail polish bottles suggest only two coats of each nail color is needed for a manicure, but if I’m only going to have glitter on my nails, I want full coverage! So, I’d recommend layering this over a solid color because two coats on a naked nail (as seen in my swatch photo) just doesn’t cut it for me. Julep’s nail art suggestion for this month is completing a Chelsea manicure with French tips in Kate (see below for review). I’m not so sure about this look, but then again, I appreciate its uniqueness since I would’ve done glitter tips on a creme manicure instead of the other way around. Always good to try new things! :)

Kate: This shade is a soft white pearl. It has a gorgeous, subtle shimmer in the bottle and also appears slightly grayed out, but on the nail, the shimmer sort of disappears and the nail color is a very bright white. For me, the difference between bottle color and nail color is fine because I like the brightness of the white. The formula for this is a little on the thin side, but I don’t mind since it’s still very easy to create a smooth, clean manicure. Overall, I think this would be a good nail polish to pick up since white is a staple for any nail polish stash and because the pearly shimmer makes Kate stand apart from other white nail polishes.

Zinnia: Julep created this odorless, tasteless (well, it tastes sort of like Vaseline, but I call that “tasteless”), long-wearing lip gloss to pair with Chelsea. It is a violet-plum lip gloss with subtle shimmer. Usually, when I wear lip color, I choose shades that are somewhat close to my natural lip color (Revlon lip butters in Pink Truffle and Berry Smoothie are my go-to colors right now), so when I first took out the lip gloss wand, I was a teensy bit startled with just how purple Zinnia is! But once you spread it on your lips, the color sort of thins out. As you can see in the photo of my lips, Zinnia only looks slightly darker/pinker than my natural lip color. So, if you’re into natural lip colors, this lip gloss might be for you! And even if you’re not, I think it would be great to wear over a saturated purple lipstick. My favorite thing about wearing Zinnia is that it doesn’t feel super sticky like some lip glosses do, so it’s easy to forget you’re even wearing it. Another cool thing about Julep lip glosses is the wands aren’t actually wands; the tip where the lip gloss gathers is actually a brush! I love this because it makes applying the lip gloss to your lips really easy to control. But despite all the reasons I’m digging Zinnia, I’m not entirely sure the Zinnia/Chelsea combo follows the matching nail/lip color trend since once Zinnia is on my lips, it’s not really the same color as Chelsea anymore. Perhaps Julep’s doing a creative spin on the trend because Zinnia is obviously still in the same color family as Chelsea. Regardless, I rather like this lip gloss!

There were some snags with my July Bombshell box (namely the America formula and the denseness of the glitter in Chelsea), but overall, I really do like this box and the cohesiveness of all the Julep Maven boxes this month. It was perfect for Julep to whip out glitters for July, and even better that every single box—no matter the style profile—received the America glitter. Also, I appreciate Julep’s spin on the matching nail/lip color trend, and was pleasantly surprised with how much I ended up liking Zinnia (I generally don’t like lip glosses).

After how much I loved last month’s box as well, I can’t even imagine what Julep will surprise us with next month! I’m most curious about what other kinds of cosmetics they might add to their arsenal of beauty products.

What do you like or dislike about Julep branching out beyond nail colors? Sound off in the comments or leave me a note in my ask box!

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Disclosure: Product samples provided by Julep.

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