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Anonymous said: do you know of any base coats and top coats that will work well with any nail polish? i usually use essie's protein base coat, essie polish, and seche vite top coat..but it doesn't usually last very long ): i was considering CND stickey base coat and their air dry top coat, but i want some advice before buying! i'd appreciate it very much if you could help me out (:

Several people consider CND Stickey base coat the best base coat for prolonging a manicure, but I’ve heard people complain it’s difficult to remove. I haven’t tried it yet myself, though.

Currently, I use Butter London’s Horse Power Nail Fertilizer as base coat and Seche Vite as top coat. The combination works quite well for me. My 4th of July manicure lasted about a week and a half (with minor tip wear) before I got any chips!

You also want to make sure your nails are free of any oils, so use a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover to swipe each of your nails before you start painting them. Also, buffing your nails before you start painting them is also supposed to help prolong a manicure.

Hope that helps!

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