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Just in time for party season! Zoya has created the Gilty Pleasures 18K Real Gold Flake Topcoat Gift Box.

The Gilty Pleasures velvet gift box features Zoya Gilty*, the 18k Real Gold Flake Topcoat  (0.5oz), plus, two long wearing, full-size (0.5oz) colors, Zoya Raven (black) and Zoya Purity (white), to cover in gold as a bonus.

Pre-Order Today HERE

Official Ship Date 10/15/2012: Due to extreme demand and scarcity of the gold material, Zoya is asking everyone to pre-order the Gilty Pleasures Trio Box in advance. Once pre-sell is sold out, there will be no more product available (that means when it’s gone it’s gone). You will not be charged until for the Gilty Pleasures Trio Box actually ships. 

Wow, this looks AMAZING!! I am absolutely treating myself to this gift box. Pairing this top coat with the black creme makes it dazzling and fabulous, perfect for any holiday parties you have coming up, and it looks like pairing it with the white creme provides you with a work-safe option of adding some glitz to your day. What do yall think of this Zoya trio?

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    I really want this set. Isn’t it awesome!! I want gold flakes on my nails, I wanna seem rich and famous even if I’m not....
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    Zoya’s Gilty gold top coat vs OPI’s Goldeneye from their James Bond Collection. Hmm, this upcoming fall/winter season...
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    Get in my life holyyyy
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    Boyfriend bought this for me yesterday! Can’t wait to layer that topcoat over everything.
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